For generic questions please read our FAQ, this section is only about on how to recognize fake products.

Freaquently Asked Questions

Fake / Non - Original TKTX

Where to buy original numbing cream:
- Buy ONLY from tktx.co
- We NEVER sell on eBay, AliExpress or Wish
- Only ONE instagram page : @tktx.europe
This means : We have NO other IG page or website.

How to recognize fake products:
- They use comma's in the percentage (38,99%, 59,99%)
- There is no scannable QR code on the box or tube
- There is no golden hologram (most new fakes start using holograms too now)
- No website on the tube
- Same % and price per color
Example : Gold, yellow, red, blue, black all have 40%

What are the websites tktx-original / tktkxnumb.eu then ?
These were our old websites, we upgraded our servers and webshop and by doing so we changed our domains too.

Can I send you a picture of my TKTX to see if it is original ?
Yes, send us a DM on IG or FB / Email and we will help you.

I ordered on a different website and my product did not arrive
We can not help you if you did not buy on tktx.co -- Ask for a refund and order here.

Buy Original TKTX
  • Check the golden hologram, it should have our logo and name

  • Scan the QR code, it should redirect to our website

  • Every color has a different percentage (strength) and has our website written on it