Q. I did not receive my tracking number
A. You will receive an automatic email soon, please give our system some time to process it.

Q. My order is stuck on "at shippers warehouse"
A. Please don't worry, your order is on the way but the tracking updates once it arrives in your country. If you have received the tracking number : Your order is on the way !

Q. My order is stuck on "waiting to be shipped"
A. Please don't worry, your order is on the way but the tracking updates once it arrives in your country. If you have received the tracking number : Your order is on the way !

A. No, it is all included.

Q. OUTSIDE EU: Do I have to pay VAT/TAX
A. Depends on your local government laws. Most of the time small parcels pass through without any problem.

Q. What are the active ingredients
A. Patented Anestoderm® blend : special mix of different numbing ingredients

Q. What is the difference between the percentages and colors
A. Blue 20%: numbs 1 to 2 hours (normal)
White 35%: numbs 2 to 3 hours (strong)
Gold 38%: numbs 3 to 4 hours (extra strong)
Green 40%: numbs 3 to 5 hours (extra strong, new recipe)
Mithra 45%: numbs 3,5 to 5,5 hours (extra+ strong)

(Hours indicated can be different from person and place)

After producing Mithra+ for years for our partner, we have decided to join both companies. Mithra+ is a thicker pink cream compared to TKTX (white cream) which is also slightly more numbing.

Q. Where can TKTX be used
A. Everywhere on the body except on open wounds, genitals, eyes

Q. For which applications can I use TKTX
A. Tattoo, piercing, wax depilation, laser hair removal, permanent make-up, microblading, laser tattooing, lipfillers

Q. Can I experience side effects
A. Some users may experience a slight tingling sensation or temporary redness.

When extreme pain and others side effects appear wipe off cream and rinse frequently with water (very rarely)

Q. Can I pick up your product?
A. We do not have a physical store and our products are only sent

Q. How do I know that these are original
A. We only sell original TKTX you can check your purchase with the following :
- QR-code on box & tube
- Golden seal
- Website on the tube
- Different % and price per color (higher percentage = stronger)
- We ONLY sell on
- Our ONLY instagram @tktx.europe
more info about fake's here

Q. What is tktx-original / then ?
A. These were our old websites, we upgraded our servers and webshop and by doing so we changed our domains too.

Q. What are the 38,99% - 39,99% TKTX on the internet
A. 100% of all TKTX products on eBay, AliExpress or Wish are counterfeit and can cause serious burns, we only sell through our website
more info about fake's here

Q. Why are some TKTX different colors but same percentage ?
A. Those are fake TKTX, every color has a different percentage.

Q. How much is there in one tube and how much surface can I cover with it
A. 10g per tube, enough for 15cm x 15cm (6″x 6″)

Q. What are the delivery times (STANDARD SHIPPING)
A. See at checkout page where you can select shipping method

Q. How long can I keep a tube
A. Unopened, cool and away from sunlight: 2 years
Opened, used up as quickly as possible, when in contact with oxygen, the cream will turn brown and the effect will greatly decrease (polymerization of adrenochrome)

Q. How do I use the cream?
1. Clean the surface to be treated with soap then dry
2. Apply thin layer first and rub well in
3. Apply a very thick layer WITHOUT rubbing in it
4. Cover the area with cling film (AIR PROOF)
5. Leave 60min to work in, the cream should be still wet when removing the film
6. Slight redness or itchiness is normal

TIP: Do not drink alcohol prior to 24 hours and eat well before your session