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TKTX 35% White - STRONG - Numbing Cream

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Numbing time : 2-3 hours

Area of usage: 15cm x 15cm (6″x 6″) per tube

Cream based on patented Anestoderm® blend


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  • Golden seal
  • Different % and price per color (higher percentage = stronger)
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Golden Hologram - Anti Fake


  1. Clean the surface to be treated with soap then dry
  2. Apply thin layer first and rub well in
  3. Apply a very thick layer WITHOUT rubbing in it
  4. Cover the area with cling film (AIR PROOF)
  5. Leave 60min to work in, the cream should be still wet when removing the film
  6. Slight redness or itchiness is normal

TIP: Do not drink alcohol prior to 24 hours and eat well before your session

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